mongocli om admin backup filesystems update

Update a file system configuration


--assignmentFlag indicating whether this file system store can be assigned backup jobs
--encryptedCredentialsFlag indicating whether the username and password were encrypted using the credentials tool
--label <label>Array of tags to manage which backup jobs Ops Manager can assign to which blockstores
--loadFactor <loadFactor>A positive, non-zero integer that expresses how much backup work this snapshot store should perform compared to another snapshot store
--mmapv1CompressionSetting <mmapv1CompressionSetting>
  • Required ✳
--output, -o <output>Output format. Valid values are json, json-path, go-template, or go-template-file
--storePath <storePath>
  • Required ✳
--wtCompressionSetting <wtCompressionSetting>
  • Required ✳