mongocli atlas cluster

Manage clusters for your project


ls, listList clusters for your project
get, describeDescribe a cluster
createCreate one cluster in the specified project
watchWatch for a cluster to be available
updateUpdate a MongoDB cluster
pausePause a running MongoDB cluster in Atlas
startStart a paused MongoDB cluster in Atlas
rm, deleteDelete a cluster from your project
loadSampleDataLoad sample data into a MongoDB cluster in Atlas
index, indexesManage cluster rolling indexes for your project
fts, searchManage Atlas Search for your cluster
onlinearchives, online-archives, onlineArchive, onlinearchive, online-archive, onlineArchivesManage online archives for your cluster
connectionstrings, connection-strings, connectionString, connectionstring, connection-string, cs, connectionStringsManage MongoDB cluster connection string
availableregions, available-regions, availableRegion, availableregion, available-region, availableRegionsManage available regions for your project