mongocli cm

MongoDB Cloud Manager operations


cluster, clustersManage clusters for your project
alert, alertsManage alerts for your project
backup, backupsManage continuous backups for your project
server, serversManage automated servers for your project
automationManage automation configuration for your project
securityManage security configuration for your project
dbuser, databaseUsers, databaseUser, dbusersManage database users for your project
event, eventsManage events for your organization or project
monitoringManage monitoring for your project
process, processesManage MongoDB processes for your project
metric, measurements, measurement, metricsGet measurements on the state of the MongoDB process
log, logsManage log collection jobs for your project
agent, agentsManage MongoDB Agents
maintenancewindows, maintenance-windows, maintenanceWindow, maintenancewindow, maintenance-window, maintenanceWindowsManage Ops Manager/Cloud Manager maintenance windows
performanceadvisor, performance-advisor, performanceAdvisorPerformance Advisor operations
featurepolicies, feature-policies, featurePolicy, featurepolicy, feature-policy, featurePoliciesManage feature control policies
livemigrations, live-migrations, liveMigration, livemigration, live-migration, lm, liveMigrationsManage a Live Migration to Atlas for your organization