mongocli atlas alert config update

Updates one alert configuration in the specified project


--apiKey <apiKey>Datadog API Key, Opsgenie API Key, VictorOps API key
--enabledIf set to true, the alert configuration is enabled
--event <event>Type of the event that triggered the alert
--matcherFieldName <matcherFieldName>Name of the field in the target object to match on
--matcherOperator <matcherOperator>Operator to test the field's value
--matcherValue <matcherValue>Value to test with the specified operator
--metricMode <metricMode>If specified, Atlas computes the current metric value as an average
--metricName <metricName>Name of the metric against which Atlas checks the configured alert
--metricOperator <metricOperator>Operator to apply when checking the current metric value against the threshold value
--metricThreshold <metricThreshold>Threshold value outside of which an alert will be triggered
--metricUnits <metricUnits>Units for the threshold value
--notificationChannelName <notificationChannelName>Slack channel name. Required for the SLACK notifications type
--notificationDelayMin <notificationDelayMin>Number of minutes to wait after an alert condition is detected before sending out the first notification
--notificationEmailAddress <notificationEmailAddress>Email address to which alert notifications are sent
--notificationEmailEnabledFlag indicating whether email notifications should be sent
--notificationFlowName <notificationFlowName>Flowdock Flow name in lower-case letters for sending alert notifications
--notificationIntervalMin <notificationIntervalMin>Number of minutes to wait between successive notifications for unacknowledged alerts that are not resolved
--notificationMobileNumber <notificationMobileNumber>Mobile number to which alert notifications are sent
--notificationOrgName <notificationOrgName>Flowdock organization's name in lower-case letters
--notificationRegion <notificationRegion>Region that indicates which API URL to use
--notificationServiceKey <notificationServiceKey>PagerDuty service key
--notificationSmsEnabledFlag indicating whether text message notifications should be sent
--notificationTeamId <notificationTeamId>Unique identifier of a team
--notificationToken <notificationToken>Slack API token, Bot token, or Flowdock personal API token
--notificationType <notificationType>Type of alert notification. The values are DATADOG, EMAIL, FLOWDOCK, GROUP (Project), ORG, OPS_GENIE, PAGER_DUTY, SLACK, SMS, USER, or VICTOR_OPS
--notificationUsername <notificationUsername>Name of the Atlas user to which to send notifications
--notificationVictorOpsRoutingKey <notificationVictorOpsRoutingKey>VictorOps routing key
--output, -o <output>Output format. Valid values are json, json-path, go-template, or go-template-file
--projectId <projectId>Project ID to use. Overrides the settings in the configuration file or environment variable