mongocli cm backup config update

Update a backup configuration


--authMechanism <authMechanism>Authentication mechanism needed to connect to the sync source database
--encryptionFlag that indicates if encryption is enabled for the backup configuration
--excludedNamespace <excludedNamespace>List of database names and collection names to omit from the backup
--includedNamespace <includedNamespace>List of database names and collection names to include in the backup
--output, -o <output>Output format. Valid values are json, json-path, go-template, or go-template-file
--password <password>User's password
--projectId <projectId>Project ID to use. Overrides the settings in the configuration file or environment variable
--provisionedFlag that indicates if Ops Manager has provisioned the resources needed to store a backup
--sslFlag that indicates if TLS is enabled for the sync source database
--status <status>Current (or desired) status of the backup configuration
--storageEngine <storageEngine>Storage engine used for the backup
--syncSource <syncSource>Mongod instance from which you retrieve backup data
--username <username>Username of the user