mongocli atlas quickstart

Create and access an Atlas Cluster


--accessListIp <accessListIp>IP address to be allowed to access the deployment
--clusterName <clusterName>Name of the cluster
--default, -YFlag that indicates whether to run the Quickstart command with all the auto-generated values to deploy and access an Atlas cluster
--forceIf specified, skips asking for confirmation before proceeding with a requsted action
--password <password>User's password
--projectId <projectId>Project ID to use. Overrides the settings in the configuration file or environment variable
--provider <provider>Name of your cloud service provider. Valid values are AWS, AZURE, or GCP
--region, -r <region>Physical location of your MongoDB cluster. For a complete list of supported AWS regions, see: For a complete list of supported Azure regions, see: For a complete list of supported GCP regions, see:
--skipMongoshIndicates whether to skip accessing your deployment with MongoDB Shell
--skipSampleDataIndicates whether to skip loading sample data into your Atlas Cluster
--tier <tier>Tier for each data-bearing server in the cluster
--username <username>Username for authenticating to MongoDB