mongocli cm metric processes

Get measurements for a given host


--end <end>End of the period, in UNIX Epoch format, until which to retrieve measurements
--granularity <granularity>Duration in ISO 8601 notation that specifies the interval between measurement data points. Only the following subset of ISO 8601-formatted time periods are supported: PT10S, PT1M, PT5M, PT1H, P1D
--output, -o <output>Output format. Valid values are json, json-path, go-template, or go-template-file
--period <period>Duration in ISO 8601 that specifies how far back in the past to retrieve measurements
--projectId <projectId>Project ID to use. Overrides the settings in the configuration file or environment variable
--start <start>Beginning of the period, in UNIX Epoch format, from which to start retrieving measurements
--type <type>Measurements to return. If it is not specified, all measurements are returned