mongocli atlas cluster onlinearchives create

Create an online archive for a cluster


--archiveAfter <archiveAfter>
  • Required ✳
--clusterName <clusterName>
  • Required ✳
--collection <collection>
  • Required ✳
--dateField <dateField>
  • Required ✳
--dateFormat <dateFormat>Date format for the date field. Valid values are ISODATE, EPOCH_SECONDS, EPOCH_MILLIS, or EPOCH_NANOSECONDS
--db <db>
  • Required ✳
--output, -o <output>Output format. Valid values are json, json-path, go-template, or go-template-file
--partition <partition>Fields to use to partition data. You can specify up to two frequently queried fields to use for partitioning data
--projectId <projectId>Project ID to use. Overrides the settings in the configuration file or environment variable