mongocli iam project create

Create a project


--govCloudRegionsOnlyOnly for AtlasGov projects. If specified, designates that the project uses only the AWS GovCloud region. If unspecified, the project uses only the AWS Standard region. You can't deploy clusters across AWS GovCloud and AWS Standard regions in the same project
--orgId <orgId>Organization ID to use. Overrides the settings in the configuration file or environment variable
--output, -o <output>Output format. Valid values are json, json-path, go-template, or go-template-file
--ownerId <ownerId>Unique 24-hexadecimal digit string that identifies the Atlas user account to be granted the Project Owner role on the specified project
--withoutDefaultAlertSettingsFlag that indicates whether to create the new project with the default alert settings enabled. This flag defaults to false. In this case, Atlas creates the project without the default alert settings. This is useful if you create projects programmatically and want to create your own alerts instead of using the default alert settings. To create a project that uses the default alert settings, set this flag to true