sfdx force:package:install

Install a package in the target org


--jsonFormat output as json
--loglevel <loglevel>Logging level for this command invocation
-u, --targetusername <targetusername>Username or alias for the target org; overrides default target org
--apiversion <apiversion>Override the api version used for api requests made by this command
-w, --wait <wait>Number of minutes to wait for installation status
-k, --installationkey <installationkey>Installation key for key-protected package (default: null)
-b, --publishwait <publishwait>Number of minutes to wait for subscriber package version ID to become available in the target org
-r, --nopromptDo not prompt for confirmation
-p, --package <package>ID (starts with 04t) or alias of the package version to install
-a, --apexcompile <apexcompile>Compile all Apex in the org and package, or only Apex in the package; unlocked packages only
-s, --securitytype <securitytype>Security access type for the installed package (deprecation notice: The default --securitytype value will change from AllUsers to AdminsOnly in v47.0 or later.)
-t, --upgradetype <upgradetype>The upgrade type for the package installation; available only for unlocked packages