sfdx force:package1:version:create

Create a first-generation package version in the release org


--jsonFormat output as json
--loglevel <loglevel>Logging level for this command invocation
-u, --targetusername <targetusername>Username or alias for the target org; overrides default target org
--apiversion <apiversion>Override the api version used for api requests made by this command
-i, --packageid <packageid>ID of the metadata package (starts with 033) of which you’re creating a new version
-n, --name <name>Package version name
-d, --description <description>Package version description
-v, --version <version>Package version in major.minor format, for example, 3.2
-m, --managedreleasedCreate a managed package version
-r, --releasenotesurl <releasenotesurl>Release notes URL
-p, --postinstallurl <postinstallurl>Post install URL
-k, --installationkey <installationkey>Installation key for key-protected package (default: null)
-w, --wait <wait>Minutes to wait for the package version to be created (default: 2 minutes)