sfdx force:org:create

Create a scratch or sandbox org


--jsonFormat output as json
--loglevel <loglevel>Logging level for this command invocation
-v, --targetdevhubusername <targetdevhubusername>Username or alias for the dev hub org; overrides default dev hub org
-u, --targetusername <targetusername>Username or alias for the target org; overrides default target org
--apiversion <apiversion>Override the api version used for api requests made by this command
-t, --type <type>Type of org to create
-f, --definitionfile <definitionfile>Path to an org definition file
-n, --nonamespaceCreate the scratch org with no namespace
-c, --noancestorsDo not include second-generation package ancestors in the scratch org
-i, --clientid <clientid>Connected app consumer key; not supported for sandbox org creation
-s, --setdefaultusernameSet the created org as the default username
-a, --setalias <setalias>Alias for the created org
-w, --wait <wait>The streaming client socket timeout (in minutes)
-d, --durationdays <durationdays>Duration of the scratch org (in days) (default:7, min:1, max:30)