force:lightning:lintAnalyze (lint) Aura component code
fig-completionGenerate a Fig completion spec
commandsList all the commands
pluginsList installed plugins
plugins:inspectDisplays installation properties of a plugin
plugins:install, plugins:addInstalls a plugin into the CLI
plugins:linkLinks a plugin into the CLI for development
plugins:uninstall, plugins:unlink, plugins:removeRemoves a plugin from the CLI
plugins:updateUpdate installed plugins
autocompleteDisplay autocomplete installation instructions
updateUpdate the <%= config.bin %> CLI
whichShow which plugin a command is in
force:cmdt:createCreates a new custom metadata type in the current project
force:cmdt:field:createGenerate a custom metadata field based on the field type provided
force:cmdt:generateGenerates a custom metadata type and all its records for the provided sObject
force:cmdt:record:createCreate a new record for a given custom metadata type in the current project
force:cmdt:record:insertCreate new custom metadata type records from a CSV file
alias:list, force:alias:listList username aliases for the Salesforce CLI
alias:set, force:alias:setSet username aliases for the Salesforce CLI
alias:unsetUnsets aliases for the Salesforce CLI
force:apex:executeExecutes anonymous Apex code
force:apex:log:getFetch debug logs
force:apex:log:listDisplay a list of IDs and general information about debug logs
force:apex:test:reportDisplay test results for a specific asynchronous test run
force:apex:test:runInvoke Apex tests
config:get, force:config:getGet config var values for given names
config:list, force:config:listLists the config variables that the Salesforce CLI uses for various commands and tasks
config:set, force:config:setSets the configuration variables that the Salesforce CLI uses for various commands and tasks
config:unsetUnsets the local and global configuration variables for the Salesforce CLI
force:data:bulk:deleteBulk delete records from a csv file
force:data:bulk:statusView the status of a bulk data load job or batch
force:data:bulk:upsertBulk upsert records from a CSV file
force:data:record:createCreates and inserts a record
force:data:record:deleteDeletes a single record
force:data:record:getDisplays a single record
force:data:record:updateUpdates a single record
force:data:soql:queryExecute a SOQL query
force:data:tree:exportExport data from an org
force:data:tree:importImport data into an org
auth:accesstoken:store, force:auth:accesstoken:storeAuthorize an org using an existing Salesforce access token
auth:device:login, force:auth:device:loginAuthorize an org using a device code
auth:jwt:grant, force:auth:jwt:grantAuthorize an org using the JWT flow
auth:list, force:auth:listList auth connection information
auth:logout, force:auth:logoutLog out from authorized orgs
auth:sfdxurl:store, force:auth:sfdxurl:storeAuthorize an org using an SFDX auth URL
auth:web:login, force:auth:web:loginAuthorize an org using the web login flow
force:limits:api:displayDisplay current org’s limits
force:limits:recordcounts:displayDisplay record counts for the specified standard and custom objects
force:org:displayGet the description for the current or target org
force:org:listList all orgs you’ve created or authenticated to
force:org:openOpen your default scratch org, or another specified org
force:source:convertConvert source into Metadata API format
force:source:deployDeploy source to an org Use this command to deploy source (metadata that’s in source format) to an org
force:source:deploy:cancelCancel a source deployment
force:source:deploy:reportCheck the status of a metadata deployment
force:source:manifest:createCreate a project manifest that lists the metadata components you want to deploy or retrieve
force:source:openEdit a Lightning Page with Lightning App Builder
force:source:retrieveRetrieve source from an org
force:schema:sobject:describeDisplays the metadata for a standard or custom object
force:schema:sobject:listList all objects of a specified category
force:analytics:template:createAdd an Analytics template to your workspace
force:apex:class:createCreate an Apex class
force:apex:trigger:createCreate an Apex trigger
force:lightning:app:createCreate a Lightning app
force:lightning:component:createCreate a bundle for an Aura component or a Lightning web component
force:lightning:event:createCreate a Lightning event
force:lightning:interface:createCreate a Lightning interface
force:lightning:test:createCreate a Lightning test
force:project:createCreate a Salesforce DX project
force:staticresource:createCreate a static resource
force:visualforce:component:createCreate a Visualforce component
force:visualforce:page:createCreate a Visualforce page
force:user:createCreate a user for a scratch org
force:user:displayDisplays information about a user of a scratch org
force:user:listList all authenticated users of an org
force:user:password:generateGenerate a password for scratch org users
force:user:permset:assignAssign a permission set to one or more users of an org
helpDisplay help for <%= config.bin %>
force:community:createCreates an Experience Cloud site using a template
force:community:publishPublishes an Experience Builder site to make it live
force:community:template:listRetrieves the list of templates available in your org
force:mdapi:convertConvert metadata from the Metadata API format into the source format
force:mdapi:deployDeploy metadata to an org using Metadata API
force:mdapi:deploy:cancelCancel a metadata deployment
force:mdapi:deploy:reportCheck the status of a metadata deployment
force:mdapi:describemetadataDisplay the metadata types enabled for your org
force:mdapi:listmetadataDisplay properties of metadata components of a specified type
force:mdapi:retrieveRetrieve metadata from an org using Metadata API
force:mdapi:retrieve:reportCheck the status of a metadata retrieval
force:org:cloneClone a sandbox org
force:org:createCreate a scratch or sandbox org
force:org:deleteMark a scratch or sandbox org for deletion
force:org:shape:createCreate a scratch org configuration (shape) based on the specified source org
force:org:shape:deleteDelete all org shapes for a target org
force:org:shape:listList all org shapes you’ve created
force:org:snapshot:createSnapshot a scratch org
force:org:snapshot:deleteDelete a scratch org snapshot
force:org:snapshot:getGet details about a scratch org snapshot
force:org:snapshot:listList scratch org snapshots
force:org:statusReport sandbox org creation status and authenticate to org
force:package1:version:createCreate a first-generation package version in the release org
force:package1:version:create:getRetrieve the status of a package version creation request
force:package1:version:displayDisplay details about a first-generation package version
force:package1:version:listList package versions for the specified first-generation package or for the org
force:package:createCreate a package
force:package:deleteDelete a package
force:package:installInstall a package in the target org
force:package:install:reportRetrieve the status of a package installation request
force:package:installed:listList the org’s installed packages
force:package:listList all packages in the Dev Hub org
force:package:uninstallUninstall a second-generation package from the target org
force:package:uninstall:reportRetrieve status of package uninstall request
force:package:updateUpdate package details
force:package:version:createCreate a package version
force:package:version:create:listList package version creation requests
force:package:version:create:reportRetrieve details about a package version creation request
force:package:version:deleteDelete a package version
force:package:version:displayancestryDisplay the ancestry tree for a 2GP managed package version
force:package:version:listList all package versions in the Dev Hub org
force:package:version:promotePromote a package version to released
force:package:version:reportRetrieve details about a package version in the Dev Hub org
force:package:version:updateUpdate a package version
force:source:deleteDelete source from your project and from a non-source-tracked org
force:source:ignored:listCheck your local project package directories for forceignored files
force:source:pullPull source from the scratch org to the project
force:source:pushPush source to a scratch org from the project
force:source:statusList local changes and/or changes in a scratch org
force:source:tracking:clearClear all local source tracking information
force:source:tracking:resetReset local and remote source tracking
force:lightning:lwc:test:createCreates a Lightning web component test file with boilerplate code inside a __tests__ directory
force:lightning:lwc:test:runInvokes Lightning Web Components Jest unit tests
force:lightning:lwc:test:setupInstall Jest unit testing tools for Lightning Web Components
plugins:generateCreate a new sfdx-cli plugin