sfdx force:mdapi:deploy

Deploy metadata to an org using Metadata API


--jsonFormat output as json
--loglevel <loglevel>Logging level for this command invocation
-u, --targetusername <targetusername>Username or alias for the target org; overrides default target org
--apiversion <apiversion>Override the api version used for api requests made by this command
-c, --checkonlyValidate deploy but don’t save to the org
-d, --deploydir <deploydir>Root of directory tree of files to deploy
-w, --wait <wait>Wait time for command to finish in minutes (default: 0)
-l, --testlevel <testlevel>Deployment testing level
-r, --runtests <runtests>Tests to run if --testlevel RunSpecifiedTests
-o, --ignoreerrorsIgnore any errors and do not roll back deployment
-g, --ignorewarningsWhether a warning will allow a deployment to complete successfully
-q, --validateddeployrequestid <validateddeployrequestid>Request ID of the validated deployment to run a Quick Deploy
--verboseVerbose output of deploy results
-f, --zipfile <zipfile>Path to .zip file of metadata to deploy
-s, --singlepackageIndicates that the zip file points to a directory structure for a single package
--soapdeployDeploy metadata with SOAP API instead of REST API