nx run-many

Run target for multiple listed projects


--allAll projects
--configuration, -c <configuration>A named builder configuration, defined in the "configurations" section of the workspace configuration file. The builder uses the named configuration to run the given target
--exclude <projects>Exclude certain projects from being processed
--graphShow the task graph of the command
--helpShow help
--nx-bailStop command execution after the first failed task
--nx-ignore-cyclesIgnore cycles in the task graph
--output-style <arg>Defines how Nx emits outputs tasks logs
--parallel <arg>Max number of parallel processes [default is 3]
--projects <projects>Projects (comma/space delimited)
--runner <arg>This is the name of the tasks runner configured in nx.json
--skip-nx-cacheRerun the tasks even when the results are available in the cache
--targets <targets>Targets (comma/space delimited)
--verbosePrints additional information about the commands (e.g., stack traces)
--versionShow version number