nx affected:graph

Graph dependencies affected by changes


--allAll projects
--base <arg>Base of the current branch (usually main)
--exclude <projects>Exclude certain projects from being processed
--file <arg>Output file (e.g. --file=output.json or --file=dep-graph.html)
--files <arg>Change the way Nx is calculating the affected command by providing directly changed files, list of files delimited by commas or spaces
--focus <project>Use to show the project graph for a particular project and every node that is either an ancestor or a descendant
--groupByFolderGroup projects by folder in the project graph
--head <arg>Latest commit of the current branch (usually HEAD)
--helpShow help
--host <arg>Bind the project graph server to a specific ip address
--openOpen the project graph in the browser
--port <arg>Bind the project graph server to a specific port
--targets <targets>Targets (comma/space delimited)
--uncommittedUncommitted changes
--untrackedUntracked changes
--versionShow version number
--view <arg>Choose whether to view the projects or task graph
--watchWatch for changes to project graph and update in-browser