Fig completions for Nx by Nrwl


initAdds nx.json file and installs nx if not installed already
generateRuns a generator that creates and/or modifies files based on a generator from a collection
runRuns an Architect target with an optional custom builder configuration defined in your project
daemonPrints information about the Nx Daemon process or starts a daemon process
graphGraph dependencies within workspace
run-manyRun target for multiple listed projects
affectedRun target for affected projects
affected:graphGraph dependencies affected by changes
print-affectedPrints information about the projects and targets affected by changes
format:checkCheck for un-formatted files
format:writeOverwrite un-formatted files
migrateCreates a migrations file or runs migrations from the migrations file
reportReports useful version numbers to copy into the Nx issue template
workspace-generatorRuns a workspace generator from the tools/generators directory
connectConnect workspace to Nx Cloud
resetClears all the cached Nx artifacts and metadata about the workspace and shuts down the Nx Daemon
repairRepair any configuration that is no longer supported by Nx
execExecutes any command as if it was a target on the project
watchWatch for changes within projects, and execute commands
showShow information about the workspace (e.g., list of projects)
view-logsEnables you to view and interact with the logs via the advanced analytic UI from Nx Cloud to help you debug your issue. To do this, Nx needs to connect your workspace to Nx Cloud and upload the most recent run details. Only the metrics are uploaded, not the artefacts