brew reinstall <formula...>

Uninstall and then reinstall a formula or cask using the same options it was originally installed with, plus any appended options specific to a formula




-d, --debugIf brewing fails, open an interactive debugging session with access to IRB or a shell inside the temporary build directory
-f, --forceInstall formulae without checking for previously installed keg-only or non-migrated versions. When installing casks
-v, --verbosePrint the verification and postinstall steps
-s, --build-from-sourceCompile formula from source even if a bottle is provided. Dependencies will still be installed from bottles if they are available
-i, --interactiveDownload and patch formula
-g, --gitCreate a Git repository
--formulaTreat all named arguments as formulae
--force-bottleInstall from a bottle if it exists for the current or newest version of macOS, even if it would not normally be used for installation
--keep-tmpRetain the temporary files created during installation
--display-timesPrint install times for each formula at the end of the run
--cask--casks Treat all named arguments as casks
--binariesDisable/enable linking of helper executables (default: enabled)
--no-binariesDisable/enable linking of helper executables (default: enabled)
--require-shaRequire all casks to have a checksum
--quarantineDisable/enable quarantining of downloads (default: enabled)
--no-quarantineDisable/enable quarantining of downloads (default: enabled)
--skip-cask-depsSkip installing cask dependencies