brew install <formula...>

Install <formula>


formulaFormula or cask to install


-f, --forceInstall formulae without checking for previously installed keg-only or non-migrated versions. When installing casks
-v, --verbosePrint the verification and postinstall steps
-s, --build-from-sourceCompile formula from source even if a bottle is provided. Dependencies will still be installed from bottles if they are available
-i, --interactiveDownload and patch formula
-g, --gitCreate a Git repository
-q, --quietMake some output more quiet
-h, --helpShow this message
--formulaTreat all named arguments as formulae
--envDisabled other than for internal Homebrew use
--ignore-dependenciesAn unsupported Homebrew development flag to skip installing any dependencies of any kind. If the dependencies are not already present, the formula will have issues. If you're not developing Homebrew, consider adjusting your PATH rather than using this flag
--only-dependenciesInstall the dependencies with specified options but do not install the formula itself
--cc <compiler>Attempt to compile using the specified compiler, which should be the name of the compiler's executable
--force-bottleInstall from a bottle if it exists for the current or newest version of macOS, even if it would not normally be used for installation
--include-testInstall testing dependencies required to run brew test formula
--HEADIf formula defines it, install the HEAD version, aka. main, trunk, unstable, master
--fetch-HEADFetch the upstream repository to detect if the HEAD installation of the formula is outdated. Otherwise, the repository's HEAD will only be checked for updates when a new stable or development version has been released
--keep-tmpRetain the temporary files created during installation
--build-bottlePrepare the formula for eventual bottling during installation, skipping any post-install steps
--bottle-archOptimise bottles for the specified architecture rather than the oldest architecture supported by the version of macOS the bottles are built on
--display-timesPrint install times for each formula at the end of the run
--cask--casks Treat all named arguments as casks
--binariesDisable/enable linking of helper executables (default: enabled)
--no-binariesDisable/enable linking of helper executables (default: enabled)
--require-shaRequire all casks to have a checksum
--quarantineDisable/enable quarantining of downloads (default: enabled)
--no-quarantineDisable/enable quarantining of downloads (default: enabled)
--skip-cask-depsSkip installing cask dependencies
--appdir <location>Target location for Applications (default: /Applications)
--colorpickerdir <location>Target location for Color Pickers (default: ~/Library/ColorPickers)
--prefpanedir <location>Target location for Preference Panes (default: ~/Library/PreferencePanes)
--qlplugindir <location>Target location for QuickLook Plugins (default: ~/Library/QuickLook)
--mdimporterdir <location>Target location for Spotlight Plugins (default: ~/Library/Spotlight)
--dictionarydir <location>Target location for Dictionaries (default: ~/Library/Dictionaries)
--fontdir <location>Target location for Fonts (default: ~/Library/Fonts)
--servicedir <location>Target location for Services (default: ~/Library/Services)
--input-methoddir <location>Target location for Input Methods (default: ~/Library/Input Methods)
--internet-plugindir <location>Target location for Internet Plugins (default: ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins)
--audio-unit-plugindir <location>Target location for Audio Unit Plugins (default: ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components)
--vst-plugindir <location>Target location for VST Plugins (default: ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST)
--vst3-plugindir <location>Target location for VST3 Plugins (default: ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3)
--screen-saverdir <location>Target location for Screen Savers (default: ~/Library/Screen Savers)
--languageComma-separated list of language codes to prefer for cask installation. The first matching language is used, otherwise it reverts to the cask's default language. The default value is the language of your system