brew [alias]

Package manager for macOS


aliasCustom user defined brew alias


listList all installed formulae
lsList all installed formulae
leavesList installed formulae that are not dependencies of another installed formula
doctorCheck your system for potential problems
abv, infoDisplay brief statistics for your Homebrew installation
updateFetch the newest version of Homebrew and all formulae
outdatedList installed casks and formulae that have an updated version available
pinPin formula, preventing them from being upgraded
unpinUnpin formula, allowing them to be upgraded
upgradeUpgrade outdated casks and outdated, unpinned formulae using the same options they were originally installed with, plus any appended brew formula options
searchPerform a substring search of cask tokens and formula names
configShow Homebrew and system configuration info
postinstallRerun the post install step for formula
installInstall <formula>
reinstallUninstall and then reinstall a formula or cask using the same options it was originally installed with, plus any appended options specific to a formula
uninstall, remove, rmUninstall a formula or cask
--prefixPrefix of <formula>
caskHomebrew Cask provides a friendly CLI workflow for the administration of macOS applications distributed as binaries
cleanupRemove stale lock files and outdated downloads for all formulae and casks and remove old versions of installed formulae
servicesManage background services with macOS' launchctl(1) daemon manager
analyticsManages analytics preferences
autoremoveUninstall formulae that were only installed as a dependency of another formula and are now no longer needed
tapTap a formula repository
untapRemove a tapped formula repository
linkSymlink all of formula's installed files into Homebrew's prefix
unlinkRemove symlinks for formula from Homebrew's prefix
formulaeList all available formulae
casksList all available casks
home, homepageOpen a formula, cask's homepage in a browser, or open Homebrew's own homepage if no argument is provided
aliasManage custom user created brew aliases
developerDisplay the current state of Homebrew's developer mode


--versionThe current Homebrew version