CLI tool to manage MongoDB Atlas


configManage your profile to store access settings for your MongoDB deployment
authManage the CLI's authentication state
quickstartCreate and access an Atlas Cluster
project, projectsProject operations
organization, orgs, org, organizationsOrganization operations
globalapikeys, global-api-keys, globalApiKey, globalapikey, global-api-key, globalApiKeysGlobal API Keys operations
globalaccesslists, global-access-lists, globalAccessList, globalaccesslist, global-access-list, globalWhitelists, globalwhitelists, global-whitelists, globalWhitelist, globalwhitelist, global-whitelist, globalAccessListsManage IP access list for Global API Key
user, usersUsers operations
team, teamsTeams operations
cluster, clustersManage clusters for your project
dbuser, dbusersManage database users for your project
customdbroles, custom-db-roles, customDbRole, customdbrole, custom-db-role, customDBRoles, customDbRolesManage custom database roles for your project
accesslists, access-lists, accessList, accesslist, access-list, whitelists, whitelist, accessListsManage the access IP access list for your project
datalakes, data-lakes, dataLake, datalake, data-lake, dataLakesManage Atlas Data Lakes for your project
alert, alertsManage alerts for your project
backup, backupsManage cloud backups for your project
event, eventsManage events for your organization or project
metric, measurements, measurement, metricsGet metrics on the MongoDB process
performanceadvisor, performance-advisor, performanceAdvisorPerformance Advisor operations
log, logsDownload host logs for your project
process, processesManage MongoDB processes for your project
privateendpoints, private-endpoints, privateEndpoint, privateendpoint, private-endpoint, privateEndpointsManage Atlas private endpoints
networkingNetworking operations
securityManage security configuration for your project
integration, integrationsThird party integration operations
maintenancewindows, maintenance-windows, maintenanceWindow, maintenancewindow, maintenance-window, maintenanceWindowsManage Atlas maintenance windows
customdns, custom-dns, customDn, customdn, custom-dn, customDnsManage DNS configuration of Atlas project’s clusters deployed to AWS
cloudproviders, cloud-providers, cloudProvider, cloudprovider, cloud-provider, cloudProvidersManage unified IAM role access in Atlas
sl, serverlessManage serverless instances for your project
livemigrations, live-migrations, liveMigration, livemigration, live-migration, lm, liveMigrationsManage a Live Migration to Atlas for your organization
accesslogs, access-logs, accessLog, accesslog, access-log, accessLogsManage the access logs of a cluster
loginAuthenticate with MongoDB Atlas
logoutLog out of the CLI
whoamiVerifies and displays information about your authentication state
completionGenerate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
helpHelp about any command


--profile, -P <profile>
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--help, -h
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