ykman otp

Manage the YubiOTP applications


calculatePerform a challenge-response operation. Send a challenge (in hex) to a YubiKey slot with a challenge-response credential, and read the response. Supports output as a OATH-TOTP code
chalrespProgram a challenge-response operation
deleteDeletes the configuration stored in a slot
hotpProgram an HMAC-SHA1 OATH-HOTP credential
infoDisplay general status of the YubiKey OTP slots
ndefConfigure a slot to be used over NDEF (NFC)
settingsUpdate the settings for a slot
staticConfigure a static password
swapSwaps the two slot configurations
yubiotpProgram a Yubico OTP credential


--access-code <HEX>A 6 byte access code. Use "-" as a value to prompt for input
-h, --helpShow otp usage information