ykman config usb

Enable or disable applications over USB


-f, --force
  • Dangerous 💥
-e, --enable <applications>Enable applications
-d, --disable <application>Disable applications
-l, --listList enabled applications
-a, --enable-allEnable all applications
-D, --disable-allDisable all applications
-L, --lock-code <HEX>Current application configuration lock code
--touch-ejectWhen set, the button toggles the state of the smartcard between ejected and inserted (CCID mode only)
--no-touch-ejectDisable touch eject (CCID only)
--autoeject-timeout <SECONDS>When set, the smartcard will automatically eject after the given time. Implies --touch-eject
--chalresp-timeout <SECONDS>Sets the timeout when waiting for touch for challenge-response in the OTP application
-h, --helpShow config usb usage information