Configure your YubiKey via the command line


infoDisplays information about the attached YubiKey such as serial number, firmware version, capabilities, etc
listList connected YubiKeys
configEnable or disable applications
fidoManage the FIDO applications
oathManage the OATH applications
openpgpManage the OpenPGP applications
otpManage the YubiOTP applications
pivManage the PIV applications


-d, --device <SERIAL>Specify which YubiKey to interact with by serial number
-r, --reader <NAME>Use an exteral smart card reader. Conflicts with --device and list
-l, --log-level <log level>Enable logging at given verbosity level
--log-file <FILE>Write logs to the given FILE instead of standard error; ignore unless --log-level is also set
--diagnoseShow diagnostics information useful for troubleshooting
-v, --versionShow version information about the app
--full-helpShow --help, including hidden commands, and exit
-h, --helpShow usage information