ykman oath accounts add <NAME> [SECRET]

Add a new account


NAMEHuman readable name of the account, such as a username or e-mail address
SECRETBase32-encoded secret/key value provided by the server


-o, --oath-type <oath type>Time-based (TOTP) or counter-based (HOTP) account
-d, --digits <number of digits>Number of digits in generated code
-a, --algorithm <algorithm>Algorithm to use for code generation
-c, --counter <INTEGER>Initial counter value for HOTP accounts
-i, --issuer <TEXT>Issuer of the account
-P, --period <INTEGER>Number of seconds a TOTP code is valid
-t, --touchRequire touch on YubiKey to generate code
-f, --force
  • Dangerous 💥
-p, --password <TEXT>Provide a password to unlock the YubiKey
-r, --rememberRemember the password on this machine
-h, --helpShow oath accounts add usage information