wp user update <user>

Updates an existing user


userThe user login, user email or user ID of the user(s) to update


--user_pass <password>A string that contains the plain text password for the user
--user_nicename <nice_name>A string that contains a URL-friendly name for the user. The default is the user’s username
--user_url <url>A string containing the user’s URL for the user’s web site
--user_email <email>A string containing the user’s email address
--display_name <display_name>The display name
--nickname <nickname>The user’s nickname, defaults to the user’s username
--first_name <first_name>The user’s first name
--last_name <last_name>The user’s last name
--description <description>A string containing content about the user
--rich_editing <rich_editing>A string for whether to enable the rich editor or not. False if not empty
--user_registered <yyyy-mm-dd-hh-ii-ss>The date the user registered. Default: current date
--role <role>A string used to set the user’s role
--field <field>One or more fields to update. For accepted fields, see wp_update_user()
--skip-emailDon’t send an email notification to the user