wp config create

Generates a wp-config.php file


--dbname <dbname>Set the database name
--dbuser <dbuser>Set the database user
--dbpass <options>Set the database password
--dbhost <default>Set the database host
--dbprefix <default>Set the database table prefix
--dbcharset <default>Set the database charset
--dbcollate <dbcollate>Set the database collation
--locale <locale>Set the WPLANG constant. Defaults to $wp_local_package variable
--extra-phpIf set, the command copies additional PHP code into wp-config.php from STDIN
--skip-saltsIf set, keys and salts won’t be generated, but should instead be passed via --extra-php
--skip-checkIf set, the database connection is not checked
--forceOverwrites existing files, if present
--insecureRetry API download without certificate validation if TLS handshake fails. Note: This makes the request vulnerable to a MITM attack