vault plugin

This command groups subcommands for interacting with Vault's plugins and the plugin catalog. The plugin catalog is divided into three types: 'auth', 'database', and 'secret' plugins. A type must be specified on each call. Here are a few examples of the plugin commands


deregisterDeregister an existing plugin in the catalog. If the plugin does not exist, no action is taken (the command is idempotent). The argument of type takes 'auth', 'database', or 'secret'
infoDisplays information about a plugin in the catalog with the given name. If the plugin does not exist, an error is returned. The argument of type takes 'auth', 'database', or 'secret'
listLists available plugins registered in the catalog. This does not list whether plugins are in use, but rather just their availability. The last argument of type takes 'auth', 'database', or 'secret'
registerRegisters a new plugin in the catalog. The plugin binary must exist in Vault's configured plugin directory. The argument of type takes 'auth', 'database', or 'secret'
reloadReloads mounted plugins. Either the plugin name or the desired plugin mount(s) must be provided, but not both. In case the plugin name is provided, all of its corresponding mounted paths that use the plugin backend will be reloaded
reload-statusRetrieves the status of a recent cluster plugin reload. The reload id must be provided