poetry source add <name> <url>

Add source configuration for project


nameSource repository name
urlSource repository URL. Required, except for PyPI, for which it is not allowed


-h, --helpDisplay help information
-v, --verboseIncrease the verbosity of messages
-vvMore verbose output
-vvvDebug output
-V, --versionDisplay this application version
--ansiForce ANSI output
--no-ansiDisable ANSI output
-n, --no-interactionDo not ask any interactive question
--no-pluginsDisables plugins
--no-cacheDisables poetry source caches
--directory <directory>The working directory for the poetry command
-q, --quietDo not output any message
--defaultSet this source as the default (disable PyPI). A default source will also be the fallback source if you add other sources. (Deprecated, use --priority)
--secondarySet this source as secondary. (Deprecated, use --priority)
--prioritySet the priority of this source. One of: default, primary, secondary, supplemental, explicit. Defaults to primary