poetry show <package>

Shows information about packages


packageThe package to inspect


-h, --helpDisplay help information
-v, --verboseIncrease the verbosity of messages
-vvMore verbose output
-vvvDebug output
-V, --versionDisplay this application version
--ansiForce ANSI output
--no-ansiDisable ANSI output
-n, --no-interactionDo not ask any interactive question
--no-pluginsDisables plugins
--no-cacheDisables poetry source caches
--directory <directory>The working directory for the poetry command
-q, --quietDo not output any message
--withoutThe dependency groups to ignore
--withThe optional dependency groups to include
--onlyThe only dependency groups to include
--no-devDo not list the development dependencies. (Deprecated)
--treeList the dependencies as a tree
--whyWhen showing the full list, or a --tree for a single package, also display why it's included
--latestShow the latest version
--outdatedShow the latest version but only for packages that are outdated
--allShow all packages (even those not compatible with current system)
--top-levelShow only top-level dependencies