Python package manager


aboutShow information about Poetry
addAdds a new dependency to pyproject.toml
buildBuilds a package, as a tarball and a wheel by default
checkChecks the validity of the pyproject.toml file
configManages configuration settings
debugDebug various elements of Poetry
envInteract with Poetry's project environments
exportExports the lock file to alternative formats
helpDisplay the manual of a command
initCreates a basic pyproject.toml file in the current directory
installInstalls the project dependencies
lockLocks the project dependencies
newCreates a new Python project at specified path
publishPublishes a package to a remote repository
removeRemoves a package from the project dependencies
runRuns a command in the appropriate environment
searchSearches for packages on remote repositories
selfInteract with Poetry directly
shellSpawns a shell within the virtual environment
showShows information about packages
updateUpdate the dependencies as according to the pyproject.toml file
versionShows the version of the project or bumps it when a valid bump rule is provided


-h, --helpDisplay this help message
-v, --verboseIncrease the verbosity of messages
-vvMore verbose output
-vvvMost verbose output for debug
-V, --versionDisplay this application version
--ansiForce ANSI output
--no-ansiDisable ANSI output
-n, --no-interactionDo not ask any interactive question