pipenv uninstall [package]

Uninstalls a provided package and removes it from Pipfile


packagePackage to uninstall


--all-devUninstall all package from [dev-packages]
--allPurge all package(s) from virtualenv. Does not edit Pipfile
-e, --editable <path>An editable Python package URL or path, often to a VCS repository
--skip-lockSkip locking mechanisms and use the Pipfile instead during operation
-d, --devInstall both develop and default packages
--keep-outdatedKeep out-dated dependencies from being updated in Pipfile.lock
--preAllow pre-releases
--python <py_version>Specify which version of Python virtualenv should use
--threeUse Python 3 when creating virtualenv
--twoUse Python 2 when creating virtualenv
--clearClears caches (pipenv, pip, and pip-tools)
-v, --verboseVerbose mode
--pypi-mirror <mirror url>If you would like to override the default PyPI index URLs with the URL for a PyPI mirror