pipenv check

Checks for PyUp Safety security vulnerabilities and against PEP 508 markers provided in Pipfile


--unused <code path>Given a code path, show potentially unused dependencies
--db <Database>Path to a local PyUp Safety vulnerabilities database. Default: ENV PIPENV_SAFETY_DB or None
-i, --ignore <Vulnerability ID>Ignore specified vulnerability during PyUp Safety checks
--outputTranslates to –json, –full-report or –bare from PyUp Safety check
--key <API key>Safety API key from PyUp.io for scanning dependencies against a live vulnerabilities database. Leave blank for scanning against a database that only updates once a month
--quietQuiet standard output, except vulnerability report
--python <py_version>Specify which version of Python virtualenv should use
--threeUse Python 3 when creating virtualenv
--twoUse Python 2 when creating virtualenv
--clearClears caches (pipenv, pip, and pip-tools)
-v, --verboseVerbose mode
--pypi-mirror <mirror>Specify a PyPI mirror
--systemSystem pip management