Python package manager


checkChecks for PyUp Safety security vulnerabilities and against PEP 508 markers provided in Pipfile
cleanUninstalls all packages not specified in Pipfile.lock
graphDisplays currently-installed dependency graph information
installInitializes a package manager or installs all packages from Pipfile
lockGenerates Pipfile.lock
openView a given module in your editor
runSpawns a command installed into the virtualenv
scriptsLists scripts in current environment config
shellStart a shell within the environment
syncInstalls all packages specified in Pipfile.lock
uninstallUninstalls a provided package and removes it from Pipfile
updateRuns lock, then sync


--whereView project home information
--venvView virtualenv information
--pyView python interpreter information
--envsView environment variable options
--rmRemove the virtualenv
--bareMinimal output
--completionOutput completion (to be executed by shell)
--manDisplay manpage
--supportView diagnostic information for use in GitHub issues
--site-packagesEnable site-packages for the virtualenv [env var: PIPENV_SITE_PACKAGES]
--no-site-packagesEnable site-packages for the virtualenv [env var: PIPENV_SITE_PACKAGES]
--python [version]Specify which version of Python virtualenv should use
--threeUse python 3 when creating virtualenv
--twoUse python 2 when creating virtualenv
--clearClears caches (pipenv, pip, and pip-tools). [env var: PIPENV_CLEAR]
-v, --verboseVerbose mode
--pypi-mirror <mirror>Specify a PyPi mirror
--versionView your current pipenv version
-h, --helpList commands