ns test android

Run unit tests on all connected android devices or native emulators


--watchWhen you save changes to the project, changes are automatically synchronized to the connected device and tests are re-run
--debug-brkRuns the tests under the debugger. The debugger will break just before your tests are executed, so you have a chance to place breakpoints
--justlaunchDoes not print the application output in the console
--forceSkips the application compatibility checks and forces npm i to ensure all dependencies are installed
--device <device id>Specifies a connected device/emulator to start and run the app
--emulatorSpecifies that you want to debug the app in an emulator
--aabSpecifies that the command will produce and deploy an Android App Bundle
--env.snapshotCreates a V8 Snapshot decreasing the app start time (only for release builds for Android)
--env.compileSnapshotCompiles the static assets produced by --env.snapshot into .so files allowing the native build to split them per architecture. This will reduce the app size when using the --aab option
--env.appComponentsAllows passing additional App Components for android