ns appstore upload <appleId> <password> <mobile provisioning profile identifier> <code sign identity>

Uploads project to iTunes Connect. The command either issues a production build and uploads it to iTunes Connect, or uses an already built package to upload


appleIdApple id for logging in iTunes Connect
passwordPassword for logging in iTunes Connect
mobile provisioning profile identifierThe identifier of the mobile provision(e.g. d5d40f61-b303-4fc8-aea3-fbb229a8171c) which will be used for building. This can easily be acquired through the iPhone Configuration Utility
code sign identityThe code sign identity which will be used for building. You can set it to something generic like 'iPhone Distribution' to let the build automatically detect a code sign identity


--ipa <ipa file path>Use the provided .ipa file instead of building the project
--appleApplicationSpecificPassword <password>Specifies the password for accessing the information you store in iTunes Transporter application
--appleSessionBase64 <base64>The session that will be used instead of triggering a new login each time NativeScript CLI communicates with Apple's APIs