ns build ios

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--env.aotCreates an Ahead-Of-Time build (Angular only)
--env.uglifyProvides basic obfuscation and smaller app size
--env.reportCreates a Webpack report inside a /report folder in the root folder
--env.sourceMapCreates inline source maps
--env.hiddenSourceMapCreates sources maps in the root folder (useful for Crashlytics usage with bundled app in release)
--env.verbosePrints verbose logs and the internal config before building
--env.productionEnable production mode (will minify the code)
--env.replace=from:toAdd file replacement rules. For source files (.js and .ts) this will add a new alias to the config, for everything else, this will add a new copy rule
--releaseProduces a release build by running webpack in production mode and native build in release mode. Otherwise, produces a debug build
--copy-to <path>Specifies the file path where the built .ipa|.apk will be copied. If it points to a non-existent directory path, it will be created. If the specified value is existing directory, the original file name will be used
--path <directory>Specifies the directory where you want to create the project, if different from the current directory
--forceSkips the application compatibility checks and forces npm i to ensure all dependencies are installed
--cleanForces rebuilding the native application
--device <device id>Specifies a connected device/emulator to start and run the app
--for-deviceProduces an application package that you can deploy on device. Otherwise, produces a build that you can run only in the native iOS Simulator
--i-cloud-container-environmentAdds the passed iCloudContainerEnvironment when exporting an application package with the --for-device option
--team-id [team id]If used without parameter, lists all team names and ids. If used with team name or id, it will switch to automatic signing mode and configure the .xcodeproj file of your app. In this case .xcconfig should not contain any provisioning/team id flags
--provision [uuid]If used without parameter, lists all eligible provisioning profiles. If used with UUID or name of your provisioning profile, it will switch to manual signing mode and configure the .xcodeproj file of your app