git submodule

Initialize, update or inspect submodules


addAdd the given repository as a submodule at the given path to the changeset to be committed next to the current project
statusShow the status of the submodules
initInitialize the submodules recorded in the index
deinitUnregister the given submodules
updateUpdate the registered submodules to match what the superproject expects by cloning missing submodules, fetching missing commits in submodules and updating the working tree of the submodules
set-branchSets the default remote tracking branch for the submodule
set-urlSets the URL of the specified submodule to <newurl>
summaryShow commit summary between the given commit (defaults to HEAD) and working tree/index
foreachEvaluates an arbitrary shell command in each checked out submodule
syncSynchronizes submodules' remote URL configuration setting to the value specified in .gitmodules
absorbgitdirsIf a git directory of a submodule is inside the submodule, move the git directory of the submodule into its superproject’s $GIT_DIR/modules path and then connect the git directory and its working directory by setting the core.worktree and adding a .git file pointing to the git directory embedded in the superprojects git directory


-q, --quietOnly print error messages
--cachedThe commit stored in the index is used instead