git remote

Manage remote repository


addAdd a remote named <name> for the repository at <url>
set-headSets or deletes the default branch
set-branchesChanges the list of branches tracked by the named remote. This can be used to track a subset of the available remote branches after the initial setup for a remote
rm, removeRemoves given remote [name]
renameRemoves given remote [name]
get-urlRetrieves the URLs for a remote
set-urlChanges the URLs for the remote
showGives some information about the remote [name]
pruneEquivalent to git fetch --prune [name], except that no new references will be fetched
updateFetch updates for remotes or remote groups in the repository as defined by remotes.<group>


-v, --verboseBe a little more verbose and show remote url after name. NOTE: This must be placed between remote and subcommand