git blame <file>

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--incrementalShow blame entries as we find them, incrementally
-bDo not show object names of boundary commits (Default: off)
--rootDo not treat root commits as boundaries (Default: off)
--show-statsShow work cost statistics
--progressForce progress reporting
--score-debugShow output score for blame entries
-f, --show-nameShow original filename (Default: auto)
-n, --show-numberShow original linenumber (Default: off)
-p, --porcelainShow in a format designed for machine consumption
--line-porcelainShow porcelain format with per-line commit information
-cUse the same output mode as git-annotate (Default: off)
-tShow raw timestamp (Default: off)
-lShow long commit SHA1 (Default: off)
-sSuppress author name and timestamp (Default: off)
-e, --show-emailShow author email instead of name (Default: off)
-wIgnore whitespace differences
--ignore-rev <rev>Ignore <rev> when blaming
--ignore-revs-file <file>Ignore revisions from <file>
--color-linesColor redundant metadata from previous line differently
--color-by-ageColor lines by age
--minimalSpend extra cycles to find better match
-S <file>Use revisions from <file> instead of calling git-rev-list
--contents <file>Use <file>'s contents as the final image
-CFind line copies within and across files
-MFind line movements within and across files
-L <start,end>Process only line range <start>,<end> or function :<funcname>
--abbrev [n]Use <n> digits to display object names