git reset [arg...]

Reset current HEAD to the specified state




--keepSafe: files which are different between the current HEAD and the given commit. Will abort if there are uncommitted changes
--softRemove the last commit from the current branch, but the file changes will stay in your working tree
--hard⚠️WARNING: you will lose all uncommitted changes in addition to the changes introduced in the last commit
--mixedKeep the changes in your working tree but not on the index
-NMark removed paths as intent-to-add
--mergeResets the index and updates the files in the working tree that are different between 'commit' and HEAD
-q, --quietBe quiet, only report errors
--no-quietInverse of --quiet
--pathspec-from-file <file>Pathspec is passed in file <file> instead of commandline args
--pathspec-file-nulPathspec elements are separated with NUL character
-p, --patchInteractively select hunks in the difference between the index and <tree-ish>