flutter screenshot

Take a screenshot from a connected device


-h, --helpPrint this usage information
-v, --verboseNoisy logging, including all shell commands executed. If used with --help, shows hidden options
-d, --device-id <device id>Target device id or name (prefixes allowed)
--suppress-analyticsSuppress analytics reporting when this command runs
-o, --out <path to file>Location to write the screenshot
--observatory-uri <URI>The observatory URI to connect to. This is required when --type is "skia" or "rasterizer". To find the observatory URI, use "flutter run" and look for "An Observatory ... is available at" in the output
--type <type>The type of screenshot to retrieve. [device] (default) Delegate to the device's native screenshot capabilities. This screenshots the entire screen currently being displayed (including content not rendered by Flutter, like the device status bar). [rasterizer] Render the Flutter app using the rasterizer. Requires --observatory-uri [skia] Render the Flutter app as a Skia picture. Requires --observatory-uri
--device-timeout <seconds>Time in seconds to wait for devices to attach. Longer timeouts may be necessary for networked devices