Run flutter command


analyzeAnalyze the project's Dart code
assembleAssemble and build Flutter resources
attachAttach to a running app
bash-completionOutput command line shell completion setup scripts
buildBuild an executable app or install bundle
channelList or switch Flutter channels
cleanDelete the build/ and .dart_tool/ directories
configConfigure Flutter settings
createCreate a new Flutter project
devicesList all connected devices
doctorShow information about the installed tooling
downgradeDowngrade Flutter to the last active version for the current channel
driveRun integration tests for the project on an attached device or emulator
emulatorsList, launch and create emulators
formatFormat one or more Dart files
gen-l10nGenerate localizations for the current project
installInstall a Flutter app on an attached device
logsShow log output for running Flutter apps
pubCommands for managing Flutter packages
runRun your Flutter app on an attached device
screenshotTake a screenshot from a connected device
symbolizeSymbolize a stack trace from an AOT-compiled Flutter app
testRun Flutter unit tests for the current project
upgradeUpgrade your copy of Flutter


-h, --helpPrint this usage information
-v, --verboseNoisy logging, including all shell commands executed. If used with --help, shows hidden options
-d, --device-id <device id>Target device id or name (prefixes allowed)
--suppress-analyticsSuppress analytics reporting when this command runs