flutter pub

Commands for managing Flutter packages


-h, --helpPrint this usage information
-v, --verboseNoisy logging, including all shell commands executed. If used with --help, shows hidden options
-d, --device-id <device id>Target device id or name (prefixes allowed)
--suppress-analyticsSuppress analytics reporting when this command runs
addAdd a dependency to pubspec.yaml
cacheWork with the Pub system cache
depsPrint package dependencies
downgradeDowngrade packages in a Flutter project
getGet packages in a Flutter project
globalWork with Pub global packages
loginLog into pub.dev
logoutLog out of pub.dev
outdatedAnalyze dependencies to find which ones can be upgraded
pubPass the remaining arguments to Dart's "pub" tool
publishPublish the current package to pub.dartlang.org
removeRemoves a dependency from the current package
runRun an executable from a package
testRun the "test" package
upgradeUpgrade the current package's dependencies to latest versions
uploaderManage uploaders for a package on pub.dev
versionPrint Pub version