expo-cli start [path]

Start a local dev server for the app




-h, --helpOutput usage information
-s, --send-to [dest]An email address to send a link to
-c, --clear <boolean>Clear the Metro bundler cache
--max-workers <Number of workers>Maximum number of tasks to allow Metro to spawn
--dev <boolean>Turn development mode on
--no-dev <boolean>Turn development mode off
--minify <boolean>Minify code
--no-minify <boolean>Do not minify code
--https <boolean>To start webpack with https protocol
--force-manifest-type <boolean>Override auto detection of manifest type
-p, --port <port>Port to start the native Metro bundler on (does not apply to web or tunnel). Default: 19000
--no-https <boolean>To start webpack with http protocol
--dev-clientExperimental: Starts the bundler for use with the expo-development-client
--scheme <scheme>Custom URI protocol to use with a development build
-a, --android <boolean>Opens your app in Expo Go on a connected Android device
-i, --ios <boolean>Opens your app in Expo Go in a currently running iOS simulator on your computer
-w, --web <boolean>Opens your app in a web browser
-m, --host [mode]Lan (default), tunnel, localhost. Type of host to use. "tunnel" allows you to view your link on other networks
--tunnel <boolean>Same as --host tunnel
--lan <boolean>Same as --host lan
--localhost <boolean>Same as --host localhost
--offline <boolean>Allows this command to run while offline
--config [file]Deprecated: Use app.config.js to switch config files instead