Tools for creating, running, and deploying Universal Expo and React Native apps


login, signinLogin to an Expo account
logoutLogout of an Expo account
registerSign up for a new Expo account
whoami, wReturn the currently authenticated account
build:ios, biBuild and sign a standalone IPA for the Apple App Store
build:android, baBuild and sign a standalone APK or App Bundle for the Google Play Store
build:webBuild the web app for production
build:status, bsGet the status of the latest build for the project
client:iosDeprecated in favor of Expo Dev Clients
client:install:iosInstall Expo Go for iOS on the simulator
client:install:androidInstall Expo Go for Android on a connected device or emulator
credentials:managerManage your credentials
customize:webEject the default web files for customization
ejectCreate native iOS and Android project files. Learn more: https://docs.expo.dev/workflow/customizing/
prebuildCreate native iOS and Android project files before building natively. Learn more: https://docs.expo.dev/workflow/customizing/
bundle-assetsBundle assets for a detached app. This command should be executed from xcode or gradle
prepare-detached-buildPrepare a detached project for building
exportExport the static files of the app for hosting it on a web server
fetch:ios:certsDownload the project's iOS standalone app signing credentials
fetch:android:keystoreDownload the project's Android keystore
fetch:android:hashesCompute and log the project's Android key hashes
fetch:android:upload-certDownload the project's Android keystore
configShow the project config
diagnosticsLog environment info to the console
doctorDiagnose issues with the project
upgrade, updateUpgrade the project packages and config for the given SDK version
init, iCreate a new Expo project
install, addInstall a module or other package to a project
publish, pDeploy a project to Expo hosting
publish:set, psSpecify the channel to serve a published release
publish:rollback, prUndo an update to a channel
publish:history, phLog the project's releases
publish:details, pdLog details of a published release
push:android:uploadUpload an FCM key for Android push notifications
push:android:showLog the value currently in use for FCM notifications for this project
push:android:clearDelete a previously uploaded FCM credential
run:androidRun the Android app binary locally
run:iosRun the iOS app binary locally
sendShare the project's URL to an email address
start, rStart a local dev server for the app
start:web, webStart a Webpack dev server for the web app
upload:android, uaMoved to eas submit in eas-cli
upload:ios, uiMoved to eas submit in eas-cli
url, uLog a URL for opening the project in Expo Go
url:ipaLog the download URL for the standalone iOS binary
url:apkLog the download URL for the standalone Android binary
webhooksList all webhooks for a project
webhooks:addAdd a webhook to a project
webhooks:removeDelete a webhook
webhooks:updateUpdate an existing webhook


-h, --helpOutput usage information
-V, --versionOutput the version number