expo-cli export [path]

Export the static files of the app for hosting it on a web server




-h, --helpOutput usage information
--platform <platform>Platforms: android, ios, all
-p, --public-url <url>The public url that will host the static files (required)
-c, --clear <boolean>Clear the Metro bundler cache
--output-dir <dir>The directory to export the static files to
-a, --asset-url <url>The absolute or relative url that will host the asset files
-d, --dump-assetmap <boolean>Dump the asset map for further processing
--dev <boolean>Configure static files for developing locally using a non-https server
-s, --dump-sourcemap <boolean>Dump the source map for debugging the JS bundle
-q, --quiet <boolean>Suppress verbose output
-t, --target <managed|bare>Target environment for which this export is intended
--merge-src-dir <dir>A repeatable source dir to merge in
--merge-src-url <url>A repeatable source tar.gz file URL to merge in
--max-workers <Number of workers>Maximum number of tasks to allow Metro to spawn
--experimental-bundle <boolean>Export bundles for use with EAS updates
--config [file]Deprecated: Use app.config.js to switch config files instead