tuist test <scheme>

Tests a project. For more info see USAGE: tuist test [<scheme>] [--clean] [--path <path>] [--device <device>] [--os <os>] [--configuration <configuration>] [--skip-ui-tests] [--result-bundle-path <result-bundle-path>] [--retry-count <retry-count>]


schemeThe scheme to be tested. By default it tests all the testable targets of the project in the current directory


--path, -p <path>The path to the directory that contains the project to be tested
--clean, -cWhen passed, it cleans the project before testing it
--device, -d <device>Test on a specific device
--os, -o <os>Test with a specific version of the OS
--configuration, -CThe configuration to be used when testing the scheme
--skip-ui-testsWhen passed, it skips testing UI Tests targets
--result-bundle-path, -TPath where test result bundle will be saved
--retry-count <times>Tests will retry <number> of times until success. Example: if 1 is specified, the test will be retried at most once, hence it will run up to 2 times. (default: 0)