Generate, build and test your Xcode projects. For more info please see


buildBuild the project in the current directory
cacheA set of utilities related to the caching of targets. For more info see USAGE: tuist cache <subcommand>
cleanClean all the data generated by Tuist. USAGE: tuist clean [<clean-categories> ...] [--path <path>]
fetchDependencies can be fetched by running the following command. They are stored in your project's `Tuist/Dependencies` directory. For more info see
editEditing your projects is easy; position yourself in a directory where there's a project defined and run the edit command. It will open a temporary Xcode project with all the project manifests and the project description helpers, so you will be able to edit the whole project configuration. After making changes you can run the target from Xcode and it will call tuist generate for you. For more info see
graphGenerates a graph from the workspace or project in the current directory. For more info see USAGE: tuist graph [--skip-test-targets] [--skip-external-dependencies] [--format <format>] [--algorithm <algorithm>] [<targets> ...] [--path <path>] [--output-path <output-path>]
generateGenerates an Xcode workspace to start working on the project. For more info see
migrationTo help developers with the process of adopting Tuist, Tuist provides a set of commands under tuist migration. For more info see
scaffoldGenerates new project based on a template. For more info see USAGE: tuist scaffold <template> [--json] [--path <path>] <subcommand>
testTests a project. For more info see USAGE: tuist test [<scheme>] [--clean] [--path <path>] [--device <device>] [--os <os>] [--configuration <configuration>] [--skip-ui-tests] [--result-bundle-path <result-bundle-path>] [--retry-count <retry-count>]


--help, -hShow help for tuist