tuist graph <targets>

Generates a graph from the workspace or project in the current directory. For more info see USAGE: tuist graph [--skip-test-targets] [--skip-external-dependencies] [--format <format>] [--algorithm <algorithm>] [<targets> ...] [--path <path>] [--output-path <output-path>]


targetsA list of targets to filter. Those and their dependent targets will be showed in the graph


--skip-test-targets, -tExcludes test targets from the generated graph
--skip-external-dependencies, -dExcludes external dependencies from the generated graph
--format, -f <format>If you prefer to have the dot or json representations of the graph and render it separately. Available formats: dot, png, json (default: png)
--algorithm, -a <format>Available formats: dot, neato, twopi, circo, fdp, sfddp, patchwork (default: dot)
--path, -p <project dir>The path to the directory that contains the definition of the project. Default is current directory
--output-path, -o <output path>The path to where the image will be exported. When not specified, it exports the image in the current directory
--no-open, -nIf set, the generated graph is not opened automatically. Default is yes
--platform, -l <platform>If set, show only the targets for the given platform. Default is all platforms. Available platforms: ios, macos, tvos, watchos